Interior Paint System

Our Interior Painting System

United Painting takes all the right steps to ensure beautiful, long lasting results.

Step 1:  Inspection.

A complete inspection is done and we assist you in selecting appropriate products and colors, especially for your home.

Step 2:  Remove Wall Furnishings.

We carefully remove all items from walls, including draperies and wall coverings.


Step 3:  Move Furniture

United Painting does all the work.  Furniture is moved away from all walls to be painted.  The furniture is protected with brand new plastics.

Step 4:  Cover and Mask.

United Painting removes all wall plates and switch covers and protects all fixtures and hardware.  Floors will be covered with clean drop cloths.

Step 5: Patch and Repair

All surface cracks are filled and cleaned with a special material to ensure a good bond.  We remove picture hooks and patch holes behind items that will not be returned to their original location. We will retexture the patches if necessary.

Step 6:  Prime as Necessary

United Painting primes any stained areas to prevent “bleed-through.”  An even surface is then created for painting.


Step 7:  Paint Walls

We brush, roll or spray as determined by the surface and the area.  One, two, or more coats are applied as necessary.


Step 8:  Paint Interior Trim and Doors

United Painting specialists pay attention to detail on woodwork and doors. We apply one, two or more coats as necessary.


Step 9:  Completion Certificate

To ensure your satisfaction, you will be able to look at the work before signing a Completion Certificate.

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